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    //कहता है जोकर सारा ज़माना
    आधी हक़ीकत आधा फ़साना
    चश्मा उठाओ, फिर देखो यारो
    दुनिया नयी है, चेहरा पुराना//

    ���������� ���� ����������, �������� ���� ����

    You cruel Star
    stole thousand hearts
    and left unnoticed !

    The stories you wove
    reverberate first off
    the verses you knitted
    echo without stop.
    The fun you played
    has been foggy implicit
    will be seen in blue
    when stars emit light.

    So cunningly you peeped
    words untold in
    Oh I couldn't see
    agony your unseen.
    You smiled in pain
    didn't groaned a bit
    gave away smiles
    to your lovers
    How could one be so fit !

    You wizard of words
    bow I before your spell
    the enchantments you made
    can never be a fail
    your fancy is a lesson
    that you did jail.

    Oh cruel Joker
    won't you ever back??
    waiting all eyes
    to your pen's wake...!

    21st October, 2020

    •°°•|[Rest in Peace bhai ji ��]|•°°•

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