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    Everyday Darkness Succumb

    I see it everyday
    I live with it everyday
    Everyday it engulfs me
    Everyday in different shades
    Shades of darkness evolve
    Shades in it I drown
    Drown half then
    Drown neck deep within
    Within and without
    Within it assimilates
    Assimilates and run through my veins
    Assimilates and eyes radiate
    Radiate and spreads around
    Radiates and revolves
    Revolves and engulfs
    Engulfs my loved ones
    Engulfs my dreams
    Dreams and desires
    Dreams of flying higher
    Higher and deeper in light
    Higher in shades of white
    White and its dazzling so bright
    White symbolizing purity
    Purity and peace
    Purity and innocence
    Innocence defies me
    Innocence wipes the ugly
    Ugly and incomplete
    Ugly and meaningless
    Meaningless is my existence
    Meaningless is my beginning
    Beginning is imperfect
    Beginning which never ends
    Ends with my life
    Ends sucking my dark soul
    Soul is a negated
    Soul is unknown
    Unknown and hidden away
    Unknow and elegant
    Elegant yet fierce
    Elegant with smirk of devil
    Devil who haunts
    Devil who smothers
    Smothers your hopes
    Smothers the goodness in you
    You wish to die
    You wish to succumb
    Succumb to the devilish darkness
    Succumb into deeper shading

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    Blitz poem.. tried for the first time��

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    Everyday Darkness Succumb

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