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    It's called life, live it well����

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    The Tragic-comedy Drama And Its Director

    It's tragic, it's comic
    So is living, so is the world.
    It's the director, it's the playwright
    So is life, so is destiny.

    It's a joke to few,
    It's a serious drama to many.
    It's a friend to few,
    It's a foe to many.

    At the end of the drama
    When the names of the casts are displayed,
    The rich, popular actors are above
    While the striving commoners are placed below.

    Bad actors are neglected or blamed,
    Good actors are rewarded.
    Advanced actors are praised,
    Learners are scolded for poor performance.

    After the casts are displayed,
    You are rewarded.
    Either with applauds, smiles and money
    Or you are scolded, neglected and unwanted.