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    LUCKY: Obtaining the permission from GOD is the most toughest process and in some cases forces born and die but the work of doing something always remains pending. GOD is merciful but does HIS heart melts for you is all that it matters. GOD loves you but GOD isn't alone and is always surrounded by many forces. The only mistake you have committed is that "you got separated from GOD and came to this planet for protecting her but have you ever given a thought that what all could have happened in between all the years of your stay on this planet. Your arrival gave a hope to this planet earth and now you are affirming your decision without even cross checking your decision with GOD. It just takes seconds to change relationships and that too in the case of divinity, you should have been little careful SARVA because those forces who disliked you were waiting for a chance that when would you get separated from GOD and you also became a scape in their hands. What both of us feel is that this time also your path will be distracted.