• aditya_ 30w

    I got lost today, in the cacophonous noises of my own mind. Your mind, it's an inescapable prison sometimes, you just don't know where to go, you can take turns on every brick, but none is doomed to fall. It's you and you only, one of you is shouting, Hey sucker, you lost again, didn't you, I always knew, you were not the winning material, in a feeble tone, someone who looked like the younger you will reconcile, it's ok, it was just a game, we will win tomorrow, one of them will be shouting, how he didn't get that promised cup of evening coffee, and another will be saying, fuck it all , let's sleep.

    Sleep, the arduous, exhausting, laborious deed. Take turns, hang upside down or swim like a dolphin on your bed, it will always be an Everest to conquer. And when it finally takes you into it's sweet bosom, there is an alarm blaring through all your dreams, like sirens of a curfew, telling you to run, run like hell again or you will be crushed, killed, demolished. And then there is the sweet snooze button, It's like one of the slow poison things, which finally killed Napoleon, so better die instantly than to suffer through the ordeals.

    Ordeals, this is the name , which I have given to my days, they always start with promises of glory and love and end fatally for me, The cycle is being tiring now, the fiery ordeals by the day, the tantrums of sleepless nights and the poisonous alarm, perhaps it's time, to take that journey that I always wanted, in the wilderness of Laddakh.

    Can I escape, it's my mind after all, but I have heard about the miracles of mountains and it won't hurt to take a chance, after all, we all deserve chances, don't we?

    Au revoir, Les montagnes m'appellent.

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