• aparajitaapra 5w


    Alcohol and cigarettes with lot of cash
    Next to the lover I thought who drove rash
    But there is a work tomorrow I gotta record
    My financers making a 100 calls
    The crowd is here, the lights are on
    Make sure you know how to con
    Act like you are having the time of your life
    That life is treat you all right
    Despite how you feel inside
    There are millions of fans dying to see you dance
    Doesnt matter how broken is your heart
    Fallen dreams and happily ever after
    Is the best created disaster
    Over and over the words replay in my head
    All this time I was being spoonfed
    They had declared me dead
    Cuz I couldn't incash the tickets
    Somehow I wasn't doing my best
    So they did shut the door, and told me to rest
    And there I was resting in peace
    Gone like a speck of dust, letting my body freeze