• robmarshall 23w


    If I could go back in time and travel to any place,
    I would go back to save my mother's life and see her face.
    She was gone before I could ever see her and say goodbye,
    I've often asked God to please shed some light on why.
    But in the end I guess I wasn't meant to see her,
    Her heart and lungs gave in to her emphysema.
    If I could travel back through time I'd lay one picture at her feet,
    Just so she could see the grandson that she never got to meet.
    I'd ask her if her smoking means more than his missed smiles,
    I'd tell her how my tears have formed rivers for miles and miles.
    I would hope that she would realize smoking is a bigger threat,
    That she would come to her senses and lay down her cigarette.