• midnight_riff 10w

    My childhood friends whom I met just once but once was enough. Years later, around ten years, I saw her on Facebook and we talked about all these. Now she says "write a poem for me" and here I am.
    Hope you like it, dayumn do fill in the comments man.

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    Friendship is those twisting roads I remember,
    Icy cold place, we both hardly left the warm ember.
    Memories speaks, sometimes talks about you
    Someone familiar giggling, but I don't recall who.
    Within the hypnotising mist of Shillong,
    A part of me lives, shelting where you belong.

    I remember seeing you for the first time,
    Sprinkle of introductions let our friendship shine.
    I remember us running up and down the hill,
    I was exhausted while you were born with skills.
    The beauty of hills constrained me
    We rained memories, today it forms a sea.

    The best jewel in our treasure I find
    Teased to look cute together, blushed our childish minds.
    The Scotland of East gave me my mom
    Place where my childhood best friend is from.
    Time came when we decided to leave,
    I was afraid for a good bye for a thing I weaved.

    I remember running away from you, too
    As I ordered my little brother, go tell her "I love you."
    We only met once, next time the fault was all mine
    I don't recall much, but those were my best times.