• godric_gryffindor 6w

    Love thyself first

    It's okay to be a little selfish sometimes,
    It's okay that even in the time of a pandemic you are choosing to do things you love,
    It's okay if it's the first time you tried your hands at cooking,
    The brownies don't have to be perfect in the first try.
    It's okay if that diary saw the light of day after a decade,
    It's never too late to start.
    It's okay that your heart aches sometimes at the plight of the poor, the sufferers, the downtrodden
    And sometimes it doesn't, and that's okay too.
    Do whatever makes you happy.
    It's okay to not be sad all the time just because you're in the middle of a crisis,
    Happiness is as much an emotion as sadness is, as anger is,
    And if anything, it only makes you a little more human.
    Don't let anyone tell you any less.