• jasminep123 6w

    Posioned by Marriage

    Her heart was pure as gold, sweet, kind, delicate and generous.

    His heart came, damaged, grey, untamed and wrecked.

    She had potential, growth and opportunity.

    He had bad habits, bad attitude and was poor.

    The beautiful blind lead astray into the darkness of hunky mystery.

    She believed she found Love, but in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons.

    He believed he found a meal ticket, a chance, and a new life with a new way of living.

    Fights broke out in hopes to change the unchangeable, but no change will be made unless the one who needs changing wants to be changed.

    Children made the two form into a family.

    Threats of divorce would split up the family, which was the only thing keeping them together.

    Dragging the only remaining loved one into a depressive and emotional state due to the tragedy of their drama.

    In the end, the heart that was pure as gold, sweet, kind, delicate and generous became bitter, tired, poor, sad, and wrecked.

    In the end, his heart became lightened, still bitter, unchangeable and settling because after all he's been through, this was luxury and what could get worse?

    In the end, she tried to change him, but there was no result.

    In the end, she ended up changing into a devastating sight.

    In the end, they were both unhappy.

    Poisoned by what they thought would be, poisoned by marriage and undefined and incompatible love.