• jananim3009 27w

    I was in some corner of
    the library.Unnoticed.
    Suddenly a pleasent breeze
    pushed open the window and
    that was when he saw me.

    He rushed into the library
    squeezing through the crowd
    and pushing people aside.He
    looked at me as though I was
    the one he had been waiting
    to see for a long time.

    I was still.He walked to the
    librarian and told her something.
    The librarian gave a searching look.
    Immediately he pointed at me.
    The librarian looked at me and
    gave him a thumbs up....

    She walked away and he walked
    towards me.He looked down at
    him and I looked up at him.
    He started running his fingers
    over my face.

    His fingers were warm and
    so was his smile.A few minutes
    later I realized that he was holding
    me by his hand and was walking
    along the street with the sun plunging
    down between few tall buildings.

    Neither did I protest nor did I make a
    fuss , for I knew that he was in love
    with me and it was time for him
    to know my story.


    Wanna know who I am?

    Well...A book from the library.