• joan53 5w


    If only I listened to my instincts
    I would have stayed far away from the fire
    I would have said no thank you,
    Adios, auf wiedersehen, slán, and adieu
    Emotions were flying high
    Expectations were growing exponentially
    Instincts were screaming, yelling, poking
    But I was deaf and numb
    Emotions took over my head
    And my heart grew stronger with each beat
    But that high altitude flight took a nose dive
    It et me alive, I crashed and burned
    I lay broken, torn into little bits and pieces
    As I lay dying my heart turned into charcoal
    My mind went into high gear thinking
    How did I fall into this hellish zombie world
    The consequences was foretold
    Instincts were always 20/20,
    But I didn't see, hear, or feel it
    I realized what I did to myself
    I said I do, come right in, welcome, to the devil
    He was good, he was smooth
    He had a lots of practice
    He devastated my world, my life, my family
    As I lay in ashes, he moved on to his business
    But he stepped to far and received a time out
    An adios, auf wiedersehen, slán, and adieu

    I got my ears, my heart, my mind back
    I listen to my instincts, bridle my emotions
    Eighty-sixed my nightmares, lassoed the moon
    God, my heart's violin, is finally in tune
    Adios, auf wiedersehen, slán, and adieu
    To the pain, the shame, and to regrets burn
    I'm free


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