• mz_grinnage87 22w

    Fallen Apart

    I once read something that said
    "Things must fall apart in order for them to fall together."
    Well I must be the greatest piece coming together
    Because I can't remember the last time I felt whole
    I feel like there are shards of my colored glass missing
    And unconsciously cutting those who were meant to be in my life
    And because the wounds are too deep, they just figured it best to stay away
    I feel like there's a gaping hole in my chest
    You can see right through me
    And I guess you got so used to seeing through me
    You eventually stopped seeing me
    I feel like I'm split into so many parts
    Unable to come together
    Because even though you have all the parts
    None of them fit together
    I'm a misfit
    So misfitted
    That the Misfits are about to evict me out
    The only place I can seem to find a place
    Is in these words
    But these words
    They're hardly heard
    These words
    They try to fill this void inside me
    But sometimes words fall short of what I need to say to fill this void
    They can't explain
    The missing parts of me just roaming
    The silent search parties inside of everyone I meet
    Inside of every book I read
    Inside of every song I hear
    Inside of every word I write
    Endlessly searching
    I'm so fallen apart
    Fallen Angels are pieced together better
    So I'm trying to figure out what great piece am I to be
    Because I can't even remember the last time I felt like