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    This life we live is full of examination
    The world we live is the class offering education
    It all matters with your style, life n determination
    Challenges come and pass falling is never an option
    Lots of people full of supetstitions
    Don't mind, its all about faith and your position
    Dont compare you might be filled with discrimination
    Filling your mind with negatives leading to polution
    It doesn't matter from others, you have a dffrnt encription
    Your dose a unique prescription
    You try to copy and fall into a world of illusion
    A self poison be sure of no dillution

    ...And as now true love ni soo rare coz we flooded by lust n prostitution
    Lucky to the few who find bt they waste in confussion
    Treat like a King be a Queen all will fill to place no option
    Love treasure keep alive true top position
    Leave the rest twill spoil through prespiration
    Live and like to the ones lookin up to you a motivation...

    @mirakee @genuine_readers

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    ... Prosperity Is to live with no hesitation
    Bt living with hapiness n sensation