• undeadpoetdespair 10w

    Bathroom Flowers

    Standing in my bathroom
    The room for breakdowns 
    Wondering why I exist?
    And why am I imprisoned?
    In the circumstances of mine
    How to grow from the circumstances of mine
    How to find happiness, that's to be all mine


    There is a crack forming at the top of my head
    Working it's way down my neck
    Seismic bursting sadness, in a lilly bloom attack
    Splitting me in two, a lilly every hue
    Seismic bursting sadness, the pain that i go through

    The crack hits my chest
    Earthquake heart from chest turned flowers
    Petals full of untapped power
    Going on lower to my stomach
    Vase, the flowers stems do plummet

    Flowery boy, inside and out
    Seismic bursting sadness, a mournful teary shout
    Cracks on both my legs, sprout, i'm surely dead
    Half of me is missing
    Seismic bursting flower bed


    Sitting on the bathroom floor
    The room for breakdowns
    For this mood
    Seismic bursting sadness, drags in all the garden tools 
    Digging up the lilies, my morbid perfume
    Seismic bursting sadness flowers
    Earthquake fissures of tortured thoughts
    These are seismic, rictor, crying hours