• sugandhswani_ 5w

    Misunderstood Magent

    Misunderstood, misjudged
    But even then she is proud,
    Of her power and mysterious magnetism
    As she stands tall, with passion unbowed!

    You can't escape her sultry eyes,
    Those deep dark oceans full of desire,
    Her stare alone would kill you in a jiffy,
    She is the queen of cold and classy, hiding her fire!

    Love and loyalty is all she knows,
    And would keep you safe with all her heart,
    But run for your life if you don't mean to be honest,
    She would know and hiding sarcasm is not her art!

    It takes real will to escape a Scorpion's charms,
    For she is all you could ever want!
    She is no diamond but if she is your jewel,
    There isn't a wish that she would not grant!
    30th May 2020