• sumi_18 5w

    Our life is long,

    Many, literally loads of things happens in it.
    Sometimes, the messy things goes over our head.
    Sometimes, it seems like never ending,
    Sometimes, even after the storm passes away,
    the post effect of the bitter incidents makes us feel that there is more bitterness to come.

    But think about it.
    We are so engrossed in our uncertainties and bitter happenings.
    That we forget, it's just a phase,
    Phases do come and go.
    You had your good times , may be few,
    But you still got those
    And you will have your good times in future too.
    But the bad times too, do follow up.

    So this life is a come and go of -
    Happiness and Sadness
    Pain and Pleasure.

    We have to walk our path with everything,
    And still find reason to be a bit happy inbetween rough roads and live.

    Just take it as a challenge from Life itself.
    As if it challenges you to take its punch and survive.
    But you,
    Sometimes successfully defend yourself,
    Sometimes survive it,
    And sometimes return back a heavier punch on its face .
    Life is like that one crazy professor in our college days,
    Making our life challenging..