• renuka_tulsyan 50w

    Thank you so much!
    Thanks for hurting him.
    Thanks for betraying him.
    Thanks for the super failed trial of destroying his life.
    Thanks for playing with his feelings and emotions.
    And also, thanks for taking his care till now.
    But you know what?
    He doesn't needs you anymore.
    You can just get lost from his life.
    Your work is over!
    He might be angry with you...
    But I.. I'm really grateful to you for doing all this with him.
    It is only and only because of your deeds that we met and now are so close.

    #pod #readwriteunite #writersmetwork

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    My bestie's old best-friend
    (now nothing less than an enemy though!)

    A big thanks to you.
    Thank you so much for betraying my best friend.
    It has been possible only because of you that we both met and now share such an awesome bond.
    I really owe you!