• unknown_resisranceks 10w

    Zizi, It's bedtime!

    As I was  settling for my bed at night, I heard some scratching sound in my bedroom window. I was suspicious who could it be at this time around 11pm. I tried to ignore it twice but the sound was still coming, so I went near the window just to check it out.
        I was quite scared to move towards the window,but still caught up some courage to see whats it.  Slowly I tried to pull my curtain, I looked down to see Zizi, my nieghbours cat. Aaah.. how could they forget you  out in this cold weather! She was feeling cold outside.I went out to bring her inside. I brought her into my room, and switched on my heater so she feel warm. She was looking so adorable. I made her settle on my bed and we played  at late night, we both got and ended up having a good pleasent sleep.