• someshj 41w

    And after that reveal;

    Came brownies
    The perfect end
    To wholesome

    I see walks
    Did I say ?
    They were
    Not isolated
    Upon a star collision

    Of laughter,
    And of fondue

    Trinket stalls
    The right stops
    The alcoves
    With you

    Your projections
    They were,
    Always my love,
    Stronger on a negligible screen

    Always my love,
    Mine shift around
    The spectrum of you

    But i was stuck on a puzzle
    And i colored it in meself
    Will i see the shades, the hues
    Slide again?
    Play over?

    I'm overjoyed
    Taken with logorrhea
    In my haste
    Out comes
    The happiness

    It's a daily, fun
    Swell, Tide.