• soniagoyat 30w

    She is single because

    She want a special man to love a women for all that she is, and all that she can. She reject many proposal because she know her worth she know what exactly she want.
    Like a special man who celebrate her successes as his
    A man of character,A Man of noble deeds, a Man who keep for your unique personality not for your body
    A Man who knows how to treat with good women, Loves a women for her abilities,as well as insecurity
    She like to be a man last romance
    She don't want a amazing couple for a month or years and then it be all over in a flash .
    She want something else, something different, something more passion more romance.
    She is not like others girls who date 5 Guys in a moths .she is mysterious ,she is broken, she is in struggling ,She like rare in the Man who'd hold her when she feels week ,remind her of her strength and all that she has in capable to achieve.