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    //Some kids asked me,
    "Bhaiya, what are you giving us on children's day?"
    I wonder what I can offer.//

    There's a play school near my house.
    As soon as the clock strikes 12:30, kids start flooding out of the school to head home with their parents.
    That's my favourite time of the day to notice the carefree look of those kids.
    Listening to their squeaky voices and the adorable words that they utter with utmost patience.
    I would be lucky if I could steal some moments from time to pause this particular part of my day and stay here for a few more minutes.
    Alas! Time stops for no one.

    It's about yesterday that I was waiting for the kids to come running out of school.
    I saw the first kid with his eyes sparkling so brightly.
    One could feel the unending zeal in those sparkly eyes.
    I could see his eyes only.
    His face was covered behind the mask of an unhealthy future that we offered him as a gift.
    One by one each little kid came out of the school with almost every kid having that mask on.
    Being unaware of the poison that we diffused in their environment their enthusiasm was same.
    They were acting as if a new part in the uniform has been added.

    I can mention stats if you wish.
    Breathing in Delhi is like smoking 3 cigarettes a day (or maybe more)
    10,000 people may die prematurely a year in Delhi.
    2.2 million children in Delhi have irreversible lung damage due to the poor quality of the air.
    The causes vary from vehicular exhaust, industries, dust to open burning and fire crackers.
    But all these statistics are just for the sake of calculations.
    They hold no meaning when I can now see the effects with my own eyes.
    These eyes burn whenever I go outside.
    Never felt such irritation and this is just because I am keeping my eyes open while walking on the road.
    Never saw so many people, (especially kids below 5 years) in a clinic.
    Every third person I see is coughing his/her lungs out.
    Stars are myth here.
    It's been so long since I have seen a clear night sky.
    The kids run to find the flying aeroplane in the smoggy sky but all they can hear is a sound without a sight.

    The kids asked me what I am going to give them.
    I replied,
    "I am giving you a blurred future, a smoggy air to breathe and some deadly lung diseases wrapped in the paper of hopelessness."

    Ohh yeah by the way...
    Happy Children's day


    (P.S. - Though I wasn't that rude to give the kids a lecture on air pollution.
    I did gave them candies on children's day...
    Data is taken from Wikipedia..
    Rest is what I see everyday)

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