• divokost 123w

    It is sometimes impossible for one to just read and walk away by something which moves their heart and makes a place for itself in that moved heart, and so one stops and reads again, and again, till the essence of those words is mixed with his blood and one can no longer part with them. To believe deep within our human layers of feelings of compassion, that life existing, outside of human form has equal right over life, and that we must feel it and know that each and every form of life, is precious regardless of what it can or cannot do for human needs. I have come to see myself as a part of nature, undivided , unabridged and every time over my individuality I choose to be one with it, rather than being distanced by my human ties.


    Here I share with my mirakee family, a similar thing which moved my heart long ago. It's a quote from Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher who coined the term Deep Ecology and was a prominent intellectual connected to the Environmental Movement of late twentieth century.

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