• zakariahusni 5w


    To tell you honestly,
    I'm not good at doing poetry
    It's just that I wanted to express
    My love for you that I cannot supress

    For your smile shines—
    Like the stars do in the night sky
    And it brings my stomach
    Full of lovely butterflies.

    For your eyes do speak a lot
    That there's a chance of you loving me back.
    Therefore, I keep on telling myself
    When everyone leaves— I'll be the one left.

    For your laugh represents—
    The true meaning of happiness
    That makes me think more
    There's nothing I could ask for.

    And for me, it feels like—
    I've found the love of my life
    Well, it's no other than you
    'Cause I've found you.

    Yeah it's really weird though,
    But can you just let me to?
    So when the right time comes,
    Maybe you can say I'm the one.