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    Rape : It's a big sympathized word for us , isn't it ?

    As we hear anything about a person being raped we get more curious to know about it in detail. And if the victim is someone whom we know , we show our sympathy towards them . We start showing our fake concern to them even though the person wants that from us or no . Everyone in the scenerio wants to get highlighted this or that way . Our own media gets an hot topic to gossip around .If that person doesn't belongs to a high class or a very well known family then our own police force doesn't put their that makes efforts how much they should .
    Have you ever thought about the result of this case ?
    Have you ever thought how he/she will face the world after being so publicly abused ... If u haven't thought about it then here are few things they do have to face it :-
    1-If she /he belongs to a reputed institution then they aren't allowed to continue their studies over there .
    2-If she is a girl child she is not allowed to roam or chat with her male friends about this kind of incident and if she does people talk about her along a permanent dialogue as -"Itna sab hogya iske liye kaam nahi tha Kya, aise ladkiyon k saath aisa he hona chahiye ".
    2-If the parents of the child are not thant supportive to them physically as well as mentally they start ping-pointing their own child . And in most of the case parents start getting worried about their child's marriage because society doesn't accepts a raped victim .
    So , in this era not only the girls even the boye aren't safe in this world . The rapist runball over the world in search of their food just like a horny fellow .
    But to be clear ,
    Stop sympathizing the victim over there , they don't need your fake concern ,they don't need you to be their voice . They are strong enough to face this world all alone , to fight for themselves. If you really care for someone who have been through this stop judging them , stop giving your shoulders to them . But yesss , treat them the same the way you treat others .
    Our rape victims feel so much stronger ,
    Then they have ever before.
    They are putting that night behind them ,
    So they can open a new door .

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