• space_dweller 6w

    50 thanks from me to you.

    I thank you for being there to read,

    For being there to see,

    For being there to bleed,

    For being there for me.

    I thank you for existing in this frame of time,

    For leaving prejudice behind,

    For holding tight this hand of mine,

    For keeping my words in heart and mind.

    I thank you for showing your love,

    For leaping into all of this,

    For allowing me to feel light like a dove,

    For giving me a chance to feel bliss.

    I thank you for letting me know I have worth,

    For teaching me there's something more,

    For giving me confidence in my abilities,

    Making me eager to experience what's in store.

    I could go on and keep expressing my gratefulness,

    Keep going and blow off some steam,

    But I think I made my point,

    Thank you for teaching a youngster to dream.