• helpshark 10w

    The Boy who knows Everything

    He's the boy who knows everything
    The cleverest in the school
    He knows pi to 4 trillion digits
    And all of pythagoras's rule

    The other kids think he's a weirdo
    They laugh and call him a geek
    He just sits in the corner so quietly
    And you hardly hear him speak

    He knows how big the moon is
    And even how much it weighs
    How far away Saturn is from Earth
    And how long it would take to get there in days

    He knows about anglo saxons
    And how the pyramids were built
    About evolution and physics
    And why scotsmen wear a kilt

    He can speak all of the languages
    He knows all of the saints
    He's remembered all the colour charts
    For every range of paints

    He knows all the names in the phone book
    And even the address
    He studied ecology and he knows C.P.R.
    And can make an Eton Mess

    He's read 'the origin of species'
    His favourite book's 'war and Peace'
    He knows all the actors in ever film
    Even the ones out of 'Grease'

    Then a new girl started on Monday
    She was shy and much quieter than him
    Just sat there by herself getting on with her life
    While the others were making a din

    Then she smiled at him on a Tuesday
    And everday throughout the week
    The other boys said' hey dont smile at him'
    'He's ever so weird he's a geek'

    But the girl carried on smiling
    Every week it went on and on
    And the boy who knew everything knew a little bit more
    And everything well just carried on

    And then one day it was Friday
    The boy who knew everything was there
    She smiled as he had now for 100 days
    And he looked up....and smiled back at her

    He stood up and said I'm the boy who knows everything
    But it turns my world upside down
    I suppose I should be grateful
    And then he just sat back down

    He's the boy who thought he knew everything
    But here's something that he never knew
    That the girl would stand up and walk over to him
    Kiss his cheek and say... 'I love you'.