• shrishs 9w

    Thank you Bangtan.

    Thank you so much for coming in my life, you guys are my inspiration and my family. By your music, thoughts, happiness and what not, you guys inspires all of us! I didn't knew the actual meaning of Love Yourself until you guys came. Thank You for teaching me what is self love. It's almost been a year with you guys and you guys already feel like family. People may not understand my love for you guys but you guys mean the world to me. From We are bulletproof to we are bulletproof eternal, I will always love and support you.
    We are we are forever, bulletproof.
    Thank You so so much! Because of you guys I met amazing people and because of you guys I learned how to give comebacks. You told me that world can't be perfect but your goal to achieve something should be perfect! You made me understand that its okay to be a loser. I dont stan you because you are popular or handsome! I stan you because you work hard just to see that smile on your face. ARMY and BTS are one big family that supports and love each other. I have seen many armies came out of depression and have been inspired by their music. More than that these people never failed to make me laugh with their goofy acts.They are beautiful inside out. No matter how famous they get, I believe they should get all the love and support. You guys gave a new meaning to colour purple. From Namjoon to Jungkook, each member tells us to do something different. From the truth untold to go go I will forever and always purple you. We are, we are together bulletproof.
    I hope one day we will meet.
    Saranghae Bangtan sonyeondan.