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    You can share your views and if I got anywhere wrong.. Please help me out.. just a beginner..

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    It was just another normal day at school..
    Sitting inside the clumsy classroom, staring at the raindrops dripping down the ceiling..
    The science teacher asking us to note down on the topic,my eyes went back on the blackboard..
    Hardly did I realised the chaos on the corridor only after my friend started poking me, pointing outside the window..
    And looking outside, my heart just skipped a beat with the cheeks becoming all red...
    As he stood there.. My eyes fixed on him.. Hardly did I knew that it would be the last time.. I would be celebrating the moment..
    Staring outside the window pane..
    He stood there tall, charming, and cute with a perky smile, holding an umbrella for his bestfriend..
    His bestfriend.. Cute, who looked just too petite besides him but was way more smarter than him..
    All I could see through the window is her lips moving constantly and he standing there..
    I watched his face turn crimson and those dainty eyes fixed on mine..
    Trying to reap out the last bit of glance he ever could..
    And as its said.. When it's time,it will happen....
    And maybe it was that time..The time for him to leave..
    It's still there crystal clear somewhere.. Back behind my mind..
    How perfect they both looked..
    He and his bestfriend.. Both under the same colourful umbrella.. All I could wonder staring at them is how long will they share the same umbrella..
    Wishing and hoping they share and stay in there forever.. Cz it's just what makes him happy and keeps him alive..
    After some time.. Getting all the clearance papers signed for the admit cards..
    She held his hand and maybe the time has come..
    Holding it tight, she pulled him..
    Both dripping in rain..
    He kept walking away..But still his eyes flashing back, as she hurried to leave school, his neck craned back to meet his gaze on mine..
    All I could do is keep staring at his figure..
    Until it got out of sight.. Out of sight for years and years..
    Hardly did I realise that it's just over..
    The happiness of waking up every morning.. The urge to go to school.. attend those boring morning assemblies and boring lectures..
    The merriment,those eyes gleaming at each other, every time they pass by.. That one single smile I wait desperately to have a glance on..
    Maybe the time stepped into my life.. Where the world got silent and the only thing left is my lonely heart cherishing those moments..That one single glance.. That one sheepish smile which can make my day.. That one single person..
    I will and still search amidst the crowd.