• fallen_42 10w


    If i could steal some words from your mouth
    I will steal hope, love and life
    And keep them on the tip of my tongue
    Until they seeped into my tastebuds
    And stayed there
    Like they belonged only to me
    So that everytime i said
    "I want to die"
    It would metamorphose into
    "I love you"
    I would chew down selflove thirty two times
    And gulp it knowing that i could finally digest the only remaining fact
    That people would always choose themsleves over me
    All the while i kept waiting to be saved
    Of all the words i could ask you to look meanings for
    I would hand you some lost will to live
    And ask you to make a poetry out of it
    Because truth be told
    A glass of water doesn't fillup the drought stricken river
    It only forms quicksand
    Where hope is engulfed for too much commotion

    If one day i tell you to bid me goodbye
    I would ask you to take away my sentence forming ability
    So that i wouldn't know how to say out loud
    "I miss you"
    I would keep fumbling
    Searching for the perfect words to make sense
    And always end up being misunderstood like my depression
    I would say...something is forgotten
    And you, trying to decipher what i meant,would ask,"what"
    I would smile and look at you long enough for you to realise it's "you"
    You would then teach me
    How to place vowels and consonants together to form a word
    I would spell "love"
    You would laugh, correct me
    And then tell how love is never about corrections but acceptance
    You will say out loud that you accept me
    And all the words i ever used
    To keep me hidden
    Inside my own body
    Would come undone
    I would be lying on the floor
    Finally making you realise
    That i was made up of too many unspoken sentences
    The ones which would keep bleeding would be
    "Save me"
    "Save me"
    "Save me"
    You would then dress me up with pity and sympathy
    As empathy would stand in the corner
    Constantly whispering "rab raakha"

    My world will crumble
    Hope flying away from my heart like caged bird
    Until what would remain
    Is a blank face
    Looking at you
    You, frightened, would ask me
    "Do you remember yourself"
    And i, unable to comprehend anything you said
    Would finally blink my eyes
    Crying i would open my mouth
    And see my tastebuds turning into blisters of rejection
    Popping up
    Bleeding with all the words
    Like hope, love, life
    Which were never mine to begin with
    I would drop dead
    Like an injured bird falling from a sky
    And annihilate into a poem
    You would then keep in your wallet
    And look at it everytime you remember
    There was a girl
    Who never knew how to ask for help
    Without brushing it with too many sorry's
    That sometimes it looked like she was almost apologising for existing...