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    Well, this one is about depression. Far often depression is imagined to be the synonym of sadness but it isn't.
    It just isn't.
    It's the absence of feeling.
    Completely being defeated by numbness when you want to feel something.
    Climbing out of depression is like trying to climb a slippery ladder.
    It's not that easy.
    "you are just sad", never utter those words to a person fighting against depression.

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    Monster in my throne

    Under a sky with no pretty lights,
    I am waiting for a shooting star.
    Under a deep silent ocean,
    I am waiting to breathe easy.
    I know I drained every river
    and praying for a storm now.

    Wonderland is what I thought of life.
    No one ever warned me,
    now all my demons are out of leash.
    This riptide keeps changing,
    holding mosaic pieces of hope.
    Am I walking or being pushed?
    Half empty.

    No climb to make,
    no fall can break me.
    The fault is within my lines.
    Dear hope, I never cared to worship you,
    lost my way,
    now you are made of gold.
    I don’t need miracles, just a redemption.
    Maybe then the roads won’t feel so dead and cold.

    Life is a busy avenue and I am just another lost child.
    Not everyone can be found.
    It is what it is.
    No doors,
    these four walls keeps singing the same song.
    No,I can’t feel home anymore.

    Sailing in search of a flare,
    even moon has craters for skin,
    everything looks prettier from a distance,
    I know.
    This riptide keeps changing.
    I wrote my dreams across the pale clouds,
    they drifted with time.
    Am I living or just fading without a trace?

    I see many wander with dead eyes,
    yet none seem lost like me.
    Trying to look right for the pictures, aren’t they?
    Dear hope, didn’t I ask you to be generous?
    Someday I will outrun this,
    will demand life for more than this blur,
    Maybe then the roads won’t feel soulless.