• finnisam 5w

    O Shrimp! You have been scorned by the Hebrews
    And neglected ever since, we have consumed you
    But have left you unrecognised. Crustacean
    Of mighty repute! Sea dweller, nay, salty salvation!
    Your orange coat and long antennae are a blessing
    To yourself alone, and those evolved, I am guessing!
    Eaten en masse by humans and ocean occupants alike,
    And certain of your kind are known to strike,
    O how I wish you could multiply and not be neglected,
    For in your beauty is one divine likeness perfected!
    Though hunted and preyed upon by fellow sea creatures,
    You can flee from danger, one of your many features
    Through a skill called lobstering you dart away,
    And verily, in doing this, you live another day!