• rakshith_methre 5w

    #Who are you?

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    Are you a member of physical craving community,
    Or, the demon questioning the mental status and one's own ability!!
    Answer me first,
    Who are you!!
    How exactly you look like!!

    I have seen an animal lost in an abandoned desert,
    Looking for an oasis to quench his ages of thirst..
    You are that animal.

    I have seen a nomad,
    Falling, drowning, climbing, and sometimes crawling,
    In a search of shelter, he is finally here pleading,
    You are a nomad.

    I have seen a school boy,
    Giggling on the last benches, notorious, finding pleasure in missing the bus,
    and anxious to explore the things,
    You are a school boy.

    I have also seen, people talking about the crimes,
    The howl of pain for one and joy for other,
    and the disoriented mindset,
    Preferring a body denying the soul..
    Oh, you are the crime..

    You still remain anonymous,
    And probably an integral part of everyone,
    So you stand right in every definition,
    A reason behind the mere physical craving,
    And a demon questioning the mental orientation.