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    ~Her Forbidden Fruit~

    Forbidden fruit warned she
    could be touched by none
    So succulent she could not
    be tasted by just anyone
    Her name alone made men
    crave her even more
    Plucking her saying just
    to taste they truly swore

    But they never stopped
    passing her all around
    When sweetness faded
    she laid upon the ground
    Callously tossed there
    laying bruised and beaten
    So cruel not to end her,
    but leave her half eaten

    Soon days flew by she
    slowly sank into the soil
    Ashamed how they let her
    very sweetness spoil
    So proud that she was
    praying for a kind death
    But soon she was transformed
    and took a new breath

    Yet still forbidden fruit but
    now with something new
    When the men came again,
    it'd be the day they'd rue
    Once again they plucked
    her from her sturdy tree
    She swore her pain they
    would surely feel and see

    She was still so sweet and
    succulent for them to eat
    But to survive this toxic cocktail
    would be their greatest feat
    Named "the little apple of death"
    a fitting name with a just cause
    Her sweet fruit would be the last
    these men ever tasted or saw

    Moral if one didn't already know
    Ask before and don't toss aside
    Because true and caring show
    If hurt there's no where to hide

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    Her Forbidden Fruit