• themoon_theink_thesheets 53w

    I feel it...

    I feel the way you look at me.
    With your brown eyes,
    Bothering every bit of me.
    Gawking or admiration, whatever you call it,
    The desires flourishing within you
    Makes me feel like this body is all that
    This world desires.

    I feel the way my body is in sync with yours
    The way it rhymes with your thirst
    The way your presence is felt even when
    You aren't around me.
    The way you control me
    Makes me feel like what the
    Queen of seduction feels.

    I feel the way you touch me with your mind,
    The way my entire body celebrates your
    Manhood, with aspirations of being under you
    The need of your palm rubbing against
    My bare back and drained soul
    Is everything and the only thing
    I ask for.

    I feel the way you smile.
    The way your pure soul finds a window
    And showers its sanity on me.
    With your laughter gracing my ears
    And your puns cleansing my wounds
    I am stunned , more than ever.
    For you are mortal, but your efforts aren't.

    And to mention at last, I feel it
    As you enter me.
    With your fingers submerged in my lotus
    All wet and waiting for you to carry me in your arms and hault the night where it is
    As you make love to me, with passion and madness and hunger and need,
    With your manly decor beautifying my flesh
    I feel as you come in deep and
    finally collapse on me.
    The night's all glorious, with bodies wet
    Your hand clutching mine
    I enter the next day, forever and ever.