• rage_infine 6w

    Last hour

    It was eve, we were at the last ceremony in my school. One last time with those, I spent thousands of memories. Something else was in the air of that eve. That day, we laughed more, we enjoyed like never before, everything was beyond limits, like there was no limit before. That day, everyone came with the innocent smile, hiding the pain of breaking apart. Everything was clear from the eyes, everyone knew but no one said a thing.

    And then THE LAST HOUR CAME, something was in the air of that eve, I still feel that chill inside me. The silence all over the campus. Song of wind was clearly audible that day. Everyone was in silence, smiles were fading away and eyes were at the limits to stop tears. Only a voice was needed, to make everyone cry at instant and yeah, it came, the last time together, singing the National Enthem was all needed.
    Those cries, those hugs and the love and affection had no limits at the time. It's been a year now, but that chilled air still strikes me the same way, it did on that eve, on that LAST HOUR.