• daviestwinswrite 10w

    The Fearful Mind

    I'm locked up, I'm trapped
    By this strongman called fear
    How did I get trapped in this place?
    I let my fear-filled imaginations tie me up like a lace
    Is there any way I can ever be free?
    What if I close my eyes to sleep?
    And the invisible ones launch their attack on me
    Oh! Who shall save me from these strongmen?
    What if I go into the dark?
    And then I'm hit hard from nowhere on the back
    By who my dear one?
    The invisible ones of course!
    You call them invisible, I call them illusions
    All in that mind of yours
    Making you to be in this awful situation
    My dear friend,
    There is one stronger than the ones you call strong
    I call Him "The Great Deliverer"
    The deliverer of the bondsmen of fear
    He will save you my dear
    And you'll no longer live in despair