• rebelpjones 10w

    The Arriviste's

    As the fire grows and spreads hatred amongst sisters and brothers,
    we've seen this before,
    the man in charge spews off such hatred without cause,

    I've seen this before,
    behind my very own childhood doors,
    its not a good existence,
    and if you let it get to you,
    it truly rots
    what inhabits your very core.

    Don't let ones ego
    tarnish the love
    you once held so high
    in your morals
    Because of a fierce disease,
    That stemmed from greed,
    Hatred wouldn't even exist if it hadn't been for the planting of that disease spreading seed.

    Obnoxious, and ignorant,
    not a good blend,
    Like a cyanide laced cup of tea
    Offend without filter, as your disgusting wealth leads, there's no heart and soul in that, because the soul was the fee,

    So now when you bleed,
    You bleed corruption and scandal,
    And the suffering ones are we
    not in the same league.