• demoneater 50w

    This is for my worse half �� @theheartbreakkid .... happy bday buddy ...
    I may disappoint you ...but that's who I am ...so deal with it ....
    It's just an attempt to make you smile on tour special day thinking of me ...our best time...

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    I tried being your "Gift of life"
    From the moment i gave you a right swipe
    We laughed.We cried.We enjoyed
    Whatever we had ... together
    I miss our time on that hill
    When it felt like I had a pill
    Time so slow yet too fast
    Didn't realised when it became past
    Now we get to meet less
    But those long calls with you, takes away all my stress
    I never knew, you would be the reward for my good deeds
    Maybe you are the friend everyone needs
    Words fall short to say about you
    Because I'm incomplete without you
    So strong a bond could be
    I only learned when I was beside you.

    I promise to be by your side
    To help you grow, to be there to guide
    When you go to a gunfight, I'll be your knife
    Accept this stupid crazy gift of life.