• uwloti 16w


    For once stare!
    The sky pollution is high
    How will I see the beauty of mother earth,

    I smell the horizon
    And fresh breeze
    And it's movement turning me around
    But i can't help but swing to your memories,

    You're a heroin
    The best place to be
    In summer and winter
    or otherwise,

    I no longer see your smile
    I no longer feel your cool breeze
    And your decision now are bad
    You have chosen to react
    with global warming,

    I don't blame you
    You love us so much
    and we've been greedy
    we wanted more,

    We till the ground so much
    Feed the air could be filled with harmful gas,

    I will not wait for
    any other to occur
    I will stop all this
    I want a smile on your face
    Once again.