• rebelpjones 11w

    Lost and falling

    I get stuck
    feeling comfortable
    in the
    darkest, coldest, dampest of places,
    how did I get here?
    What choices did I make
    to lead me in this direction,
    Its too easy to become lost in the details when stretching out the meaningful lessons,
    Just move it along,
    the details are a painful addiction to revisit,
    I'm just being truthful,
    Again just move it along,
    Don't stick around here,
    These are dangerous grounds.
    There's something wrong with those of us that walk through darkness just to have a look around.
    Perhaps something dark has got me bound,
    So escape from this crevice of a soul that's trying to claw its way back up above ground,
    Seems to merely be just a distant sounds of thoughts inbound.
    So I just keep falling into darkness with nothing to land on,
    Just praying for light to pass by big enough for me to grab onto.