• kingdreamwriter903 9w

    "Baby Dry Your Eyes"

    I used to run to the backside of the house where the porch was my hideout I could hide back there it felt like for days sun shining raining snowing it didn't matter but that time my eyes became flooded with tears I could always hear that sweet voice saying Baby Dry Your Eyes and wipe your face and come in here and tell me what's going on.

    That sweet voice used to tell me baby keep your head up no matter what's going on in our lives your letting your tears blind you the only thing I could explain in my defense was I'm trying to be a man but God didn't send me any type of manual well in this manual you still have time to study how to become one but for now Baby Dry Your Eyes.

    Baby Dry Your Eyes smile threw the rain and keep going into the daylight and admire it you've been sitting on this porch still trying to figure out things they we all have been trying to figure out so dry your eyes baby

    Baron"King Dreamwriter" Allen
    Poetic Dreams Entertainment