• asefor 23w

    Amazing God

    Here I am,thinking about my God
    He has been an amazing God
    He as always been there for me
    Appreciation would would always come from me.

    I've ways thought on how to bless his name
    But I've always gone the same root blessing his name
    Right now I'd like to go another route doing the same
    And I hope I can think we'll in this route in blessing his name.

    I can relate my God to a mobile gadget
    He is an hotspot that is always active
    Always looking for who to connect to this data
    So he can actively make our browsers fast while browsing with his data.

    Although it my seem his network is really slow sometimes
    It looks like his data is almost out sometimes
    But I'd advice you to patiently wait
    Because once he recharges
    Our browsers would be faster than it has ever been those times
    And then you'd know your wait is really worth it.