• vandrende_barn 24w


    We have always been with each other.
    No matter what, it has been you and me.
    You have be speaking of leaving.
    Once you leave don't come back crying.

    We known each other longer than we remember.
    I met you while I was walking and you were crawling.
    Everyday was a blast.
    You would chase me around as if you liked me, however, you said so yourself.

    You remember the pastor's grand kids?
    You should since you liked the youngest.
    I'll never forget you got exposed.
    We thought this dream would never end, but we must all wake up one day.
    We did everything together us four, but then they came.
    Some of them were a good addition.
    But, we got a yang.
    Our lives changed after this.

    The changes weren't immediate.
    Everyone seemed awkward.
    I always wondered was this the end?
    Then I lost my utopia.

    Everyone changed or maybe I woke up from the dream, but everyone else was half wake.
    Our best friends moved and you don't even feel sad.
    You started to become colder.
    However, I can't blame you were surrounded by masks.

    I realised how much of a lie we lived.
    I could have stopped you, but how could I when I had a storm come over me.
    I can't say just you changed I did too, I lost my will to live.

    We got pushed away more and more.
    You got surrounded by the toxic waste of influential "friends".
    You grew up too fast while we were apart, almost as if you did not learn.
    You should have learned that your enimies can be wolves in sheep clothing.

    You hate it when I call out those you have grown a bond to, but you can't see what they will become.
    I tried to reach back to you to show you the light,however, exactly like this world you creeped more into the abyss.
    I don't want to see you hurt I have been told you need to trip to learn, but one fall can be your last.
    I can see you won't be happy till you get one.

    How many times must I tell you?
    They ruin lives if you aren't ready.
    What are you gonna do when you are in Texas alone with her?
    They can throw you out just as fast as they got you.

    You called me idiotic and a number of other things.
    You were the same person that showed me how sneaky people are.
    The parasites will leave, but you wanna join one of them.
    At the age of 16?

    Ha ha, yea I'm the idiotic one.
    You won't be able to run back to mommy and daddy.
    If something bad happens I won't be there.
    Im scared for you, it's probably anxiety.

    I know no matter what I say you will keep going down this path.
    There is no changing your mind, but be safe.
    You will be come a strong and respectable lady one day.
    Then and only then will you be awoken.

    We will always be friends.
    I may not ever see you in a millinea,but remember it was always you can me till the end.
    You proablly will leave, but remember me.
    If you ever need a friend you always have one here.