• xx_nerdypoet_xx 30w

    My first love
    My mother

    Broken from so many things
    Trying to find her wings
    Looking from afar watching over her little stars
    She shines brightly waiting for her king
    Watching as her children grow up and gleam
    She has fought her battles through every man
    Her name is mother written in black ink as we call her every day
    Trying to make her children follow the path they need
    And though she is still desperately waiting for her king
    She still stands with pride
    Hoping that god will always be by her side
    She works hard to make things better
    Even as she sleeps
    She is my mother and she means the world to me.
    No high or low place she always finds a way
    To make things work every single day
    My mother is my charm, my first teacher and my leader she will always be the one i cry to when i need her
    Love from a mother is never forgotten and it will always be in your heart
    In your dreams
    She is the one we call mother from god she is the one who loves us like no other
    My love for my mother