• carrie09 4w

    If I were the mermaid .....

    I swam in the sea
    I race with the wind
    Fishes are my friends
    Jellyfish my servants
    Dolphins are my guardians
    In my beautiful castle
    down ,down the ocean
    the sharks are the armies
    the strongest soldiers of the sea
    warning me over and over
    Of those creatures called human beings
    Never go near them they warned
    they are killers, they are heartless
    From afar I saw them , they are beautiful
    and brave , floating on their s ship
    But now and then I saw the sea swallowed them
    they gone down, but never come up
    then pains beat in my heart
    tears flow from my eyes
    So now and then I sat on my watch stone
    singing a siren song
    to watch for them and warn
    the becoming anger of the sea and storms
    Once in a thousands times
    they hear my song
    but thousands times they didn't
    they lost my song and drowned to death.
    Pic.credit to rightful owner

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    If I were a mermaid