• thornsarose 6w

    The Things That Didn’t Send

    Your ending does not haunt you,
    It’s the space that’s hiding there.
    There were things that simply faded-
    Now in the place that’s hiding nowhere.
    It’s a book with missing pages,
    Or an empty promised lie,
    Forgotten things you knew
    That passed on with no goodbye.
    You’ve a question with no answer
    Where your consciousness did sit,
    A jagged shape with sharp edged corners
    In a space it will not fit.
    It remains an untold story
    Made from moments of the past.
    Sliced open thoughts that healed,
    Maybe hoping they would last.
    You don’t know that’s what scares you,
    You have trauma left to mend.
    They are your puzzles missing pieces-
    And the things that didn’t send.

    #send #puzzle #consciousness #trauma

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    The Things That Didn’t Send