• arpitha_jivana 6w


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    It's been a great comfort to know that living with a person can actually bring out the best in you and can make you into a whole another person you've never imagined to be.
    It gives me this weird sense of happiness celebrating the existence of you on this special day.
    I know all good things comes to an end.
    So here it is.
    With messed up thoughts and rusted minds we always tend to look up for the sunny days forgetting that we are the cloud bearers in this sunny skies bringing out the downpours flooding every road.

    It was a weird mix of happiness and brokenness that was running down my spine and a constant thumping in my chest.
    I could hear the voices whispering things that heart couldn't accept.

    I stand here as a secret scribbler writing down noob poems which make no sense at the end of the day which are often sugar coated with bitter sweet lies.