• devdutta 6w

    Fallen Beauty

    Last night, the tree shook hard;
    In the raging storm, it bent double
    Desperately trying to stay strong;
    Toward morning, when the gale was too much to bear
    Collapsing sideways, its trunk snapping hard -
    The tree toppled over, drenching the ground in vivid colors.

    What does one say about Nature’s work?
    Why do colors arrive, why do they spill over?
    Violence upon a tree, or boundless love?
    A commonplace maneuver?
    An embrace, a pull to the bosom?
    Who can fathom the game the Eternal plays out?

    So, here lies the tree - utterly dazzling, still colorful!
    When I’m gone, what I leave behind -
    Will it be as alluring, as beautiful?