• theluckyseven 9w


    I didn't expect to find love, seriously.
    Until you came into my life, unexpectedly.

    Everthing just happened so fast when we're together
    That I feel this love will last forever.

    You make me smile when I want to frown
    And turn my life upside down.

    I always cherish every moment when Im with you
    Because the feelings we expressed are genuinely true.

    Sometimes, our arguments brought us to sadness
    But thanks to you for calming the storm with braveness.

    I am amaze with your soft spoken personality,
    Make me feel better in this world full of uncertainty.

    That behind those cute eyeglasses are blurry eyes that show what true love really is,
    Look at me to make me feel at ease.

    That behind those colorful braces are sweet smile that speaks for the best,
    Talks to me and reminds me when I need to rest.

    I will not promise you anything
    But I will do my best to show my love for you because you're my everything.

    I am so lucky to have you.
    I love you.
    And it's always been YOU.